St. Petersburg Music Factory

Music Factory Main RoomLocated at 3222 Bennett Street in St. Petersburg, The St. Petersburg Music Factory, is a locally owned and operated Music Instruction School that offers Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano and Keyboard Lessons. We provide a fun, casual, family friendly atmosphere for people of all ages to learn all styles of music.

Private or Group lessons are available, with the opportunity to join one of our amazing Student bands. With a brand new facility complete with Five Music Teaching rooms, working musician Instructors and full Stage area, The St. Petersburg Music Factory provides a safe environment where Students can use their creative energy to acquire musical skills that will last a lifetime.

The Tale of the Factory

Music Factory Lesson Room 1Our story would probably make a good Dylan song, or Springsteen song, depending on which St. Petersburg Music Factory owner you asked.

Two Fathers. One rabid Dylan fan, One devout Springsteen follower, met in the early part of 2012 when Phil (Springsteen follower) took his 10 Year Old Son to the then Rock N Blues Academy for Keyboard lessons with Academy Owner, The Blues Rider himself, Dave Shepard. The kid took to the Keyboard immediately, and soon thereafter was jamming with kids his own age, in his own band, guided by their Instructor, Marty ( Dylan Fan)

After many spirited conversations (Arguments) on why Springsteen, not Dylan, was the True American Storyteller, and vice versa, the talk turned to the impending sale of the Academy. Dave had moved out of the area, and the Business was available for purchase. It should be noted that the building itself had fallen into disrepair, mainly a leaking roof that during even the lightest of rain showers, left ponds of water near drum sets, guitars and bass amps that small fish could call home if need be. Marty and Phil both determined it would take the right person, or person’s, to take over the Academy and continue it’s success.

Marty's Music Factory RoomBegging Marty to teach his son’s Band a Springsteen song to no avail, Phil then suggested that Marty buy the Academy and follow the words of Dylan, “Leave your stepping stones behind, something calls for you”. Marty shot back Spingsteen’s line from Born to Run “It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap”, In other words, Dylan didn’t have to teach Electric Guitar while standing in a pool of water from a leaky roof.

One night, after listening to Marty conduct an amazing Kids Band version of Cheap Trick’s “Surrender”, it was decided that perhaps together, A Springsteen fan and a Dylan fan, could indeed purchase the Business, leaky roof and all.

With their wives support (and permission) Marty and Phil took over the business in January of 2013. As luck would have it, the building was sold, the roof was repaired and plans were made to rename the business and move it to a new, refurbished unit within the same building.

Two months later, the St. Petersburg Music Factory sign went up and the doors opened to a brand new facility, complete with Music Teaching rooms and a full Stage area. Of course, a picture of Springsteen, and a picture of Dylan, hang side by side in the waiting area.

Here at the Factory, we never forget that Music is fun. It is our hope and ultimate goal to make the St. Petersburg Music Factory home to people of all ages who want to learn to make music. Home to Kids who would never have an opportunity to join a Band and Rock Out on a stage with kids their own age, and home to aspiring musicians who just want to Learn. Play. Rock.

We think Dylan and Springsteen would be proud.